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Does the Inspector carry Errors and Omissions (E&O) and Liability Insurance?

Either the Inspector is insured or he is not. It is unlikely that an experienced Inspector will miss a major discrepancy, even one that has been camouflaged, but there are no guarantees! E&O insurance covers the inspector for claims arising from negligence in the discovering and reporting of significant discrepancies in the property being inspected.

It is also possible that you may be a party to a lawsuit if the inspector does damage to the seller's property during the course of an inspection. After all, the Inspector is acting on your behalf.

For your protection, Reed Inspection Services, P.C. carries Errors and Omissions Insurance. Not all inspectors can obtain this insurance. The insurance carrier reviews the Inspector’s reports, claim history and experience of each inspector. The professionalism of the insured inspector has been validated by an outside organization. It is our belief that an insured inspector should be a primary consideration in your selection process.

A Certificate of Insurance can be provided to you prior to the inspection at your request.

The Recovery fund administered by the Texas State Real Estate Commission is not insurance in any way, shape or form. This fund may be used to satisfy judgment awarded by a court, but there are strict limitations and provisions, and no guarantee that a judgment will even be partially satisfied.

Is the Inspector experienced?

Has the Inspector completed 250 or more inspections in the past year? You would want an inspector who is working full-time. Any inspector performing less than 250 inspections per year may not be considered a full-time inspector and may not be a good choice in this selection.

Since forming the company in July of 2004, we have performed an average of more than 400 inspections per year and have inspected homes of all ages and types.

What is the Inspectors policy on client attendance?

We encourage every client to attend the inspection. This is a valuable learning experience for most homebuyers. It is the perfect opportunity to ask questions, and where discrepancies are identified, the inspector will be able to show and discuss them with you.

If you are unable to attend the entire inspection, we would strongly encourage you to be present for the review portion of the inspection.

If you are an out of state buyer, the report can be e-mailed to you and a time can be set for a telephone review of the findings.

How long does an inspection take?

There is no set time for an inspection.
This will depend greatly on the age, size and condition of the home and the equipment it contains. The inspector will remain at the home for as long as it takes to accurately and completely inspect the structure. You should allot approximately 3 1/2 to 4 hours for the typical 3-bedroom home with 2 baths.

Can we contact you with questions after the inspection?

Certainly!! We would be glad to answer any questions you might have after the inspection or even after you have moved into your new home.

What type of report will I receive?

We provide computer generated typewritten reports of our findings formatted to the State Standards. Although we use the state-mandated forms, we will also provide the necessary detailed commentary on the items inspected so you can make intelligent decisions. All inspection reports are generated onsite, include digital photos and are reviewed by you and the Inspector on location.

What is the cost of an inspection?

Fees will vary widely among inspection companies. We are probably not the cheapest when it comes to our fees, but we are also not on the higher end of the spectrum. We believe in charging a fair price for the evaluation of your prospective home. For example, the inspection of a 2500 square foot home on a concrete slab foundation will cost $300.00*. This inspection fee does not include optional components such as swimming pools, spas, hot tubs or septic systems. To inspect these items would be an additional cost added to the home inspection fee. We do not charge extra for sprinkler system inspections at this time.

*fees are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the President of Reed Inspection Services, P.C. and do not include fees charged for WDI (Wood Destroying Insect Reports). Please contact us for an accurate quote on the property you wish to purchase.